starting out!

A girl has got to start somewhere!

As I perused my list of excitement, I opted for the most do-able first. Alas… “perfectly soft boil an egg.” Motivated nearly entirely by Jen Hatmaker, I set out to create the most perfect breakfast. My first obstacle was one of lack of bread. A girl can hope to limit carbs but may have a dream that involves needing it, ya know? I refuse to have a full loaf in this house because ya girl will eat it. Thus, i found a remnant english muffin and made due! (teaser: the only hiccup was my over cooking of it.)

I started my kitchen adventure as I usually do… poured a glass of something lovely and called Kristin on Facetime. Guys- it is the most easy delicacy!! I felt like I was on Downton Abbey or the Flintstones and I am here for it. I shall revisit this lovely treat frequently.

All that goes into this is boil water (enough to cover the eggs) and boil for 6.5 minutes (seriously that is it!) Remove and put in cold water to stop the cooking. Peel and shower in kosher salt and pepper and voila… perfection.

On to the next!